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Flow Monitoring

we offer flow monitoring for sanitary sewers,
storm sewErs, Storm water ponds and Stream Profiling

Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring



Flow monitoring begins with asking the question:
Why do you want to complete a flow monitoring study?

  1. Inflow & Infiltration Detection
  2. Leak Detection
  3. Capacity Assessment
  4. Alarming
  5. Interest in Knowing the Current Flow Rate
  6. Sanitary Sewer Overflow Monitoring and Alarming
  7. Cross-connection detection

AMG Environmental has completed flow monitoring programs for all of the above and more.  We begin by understanding your requirements and then help you through the process of a project start up and see it through to project completion.


Storm Sewer and Pond Flow Monitoring



Storm sewer flow monitoring quantity, quality and compliance.

  1. TSS Sampling
  2. Sewer Hydrograph
  3. Pond Drawdown
  4. Sediment Removal Efficiency
  5. Discharge Efficiency
  6. Conveyance capacity


Stream Profiling



Open Channel Stream flow monitoring with live hydrograph tracking.

  1. Rating Curve Development
  2. Geodetic Survey
  3. Telemetry based Flow Monitoring
  4. In-situ water quality measurements

There are a range of items to cover off when completing
a flow monitoring project from:

Site Selection

Equipment Selection

Installation Schedules

Website Set Up

Monitor Calibrations & Maintenance

Sensor Maintenance


AMG Environmental is here to help you be
successful throughout the entire process.

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